Cashmere Care Guide

We see cashmere as an investment piece and something you can love for years to come. Caring for your cashmere pieces is essential to keep them looking their best and lasting a lifetime.

The number one rule has to be not to dry clean cashmere. In my view it kills the fibres. Cashmere pieces should be treated with kids’ gloves and should be washed very gently in a very mild detergent.

I put my cashmere in the washing machine on a very gently 30 degree wash and always dry it flat. If you’re uncomfortable with machine washing, wash by hand very gently, using a very mild detergent or wool care product.

Moths are the bane of all our lives and we all know they are very difficult to keep away from our beautiful cashmere.  All our cashmere pieces are sent with little lavender love hearts in the hope they might help keep the little blighters at bay.

Failing that store pieces in garment bags, store with Cedar wood or go to - Total Wardrobe Care provide a range of natural moth repellent products and wardrobe storage solutions to keep your wardrobe organised, smelling divine and free from clothes moths.